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Aqua Studs Steel

CHF 52.00

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Celeste - Champagne

Six brilliant stones are mounted in succession of size in this all-out glittering dangle earrings. The palette features light baby pink, silk champagne and diamond-clear crystals which together express a light and airy feel. Set on gold. Length: 7 cm Crystals: Swarovski (info) Color: Gold, Material: Brass

CHF 90.00

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Carlotta - Rose lacquer

A show-stopper for the fall, this mirage of purple haze sparkles with every move of the wearers head. The large, multi-faceted centerpiece is framed by smaller crystals of sage green and set on rose gold. Length: 3 cm Crystals: Swarovski (info) Color: Rose gold, Material: Brass

CHF 115.00

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Sienna - Blush rose

A prism of flirty finesse, Sienna communicates confidence and splendour. Set on silver in tiers of three, hot and dusty pink crystals dance together in flawless synchronisation. Length: 4.0 cm Crystals: Swarovski (info) Color: Rose Gold, Material: Brass

CHF 80.00

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